Tapas & A La Carte Menus


These little tastes of Spanish gastronomy are to share between friends, enjoy at any time & any occasion traditionally accompanied by a good wine or beer. Ideal to enjoy before your main course arrives

Pa amb tomaquet (LF) $10
Bread with tomato & olive oil rub (4 slices)

Chorizo a la parrilla (L/GF) $17
Our own award winning Chorizo Garcia sliced & chargrilled

Chuletas de Cordero a la parrilla (L/GF) $18
Canterbury Spring Lamb loin chops chargrilled, gourmet potatoes & aromatic olive oil drizzle (2 units)
Additional Chop $9

Catalan Ragout (L/GF) $18
Butifarra pork sausage slices in a rich mushroom sauce topped with patatas bravas

Jamon Serrano (LF) (GF on request) $18
Finely sliced 30 month cured Serrano ham with tomato bread

Embutidos Ibericos (LF) (GF on request) $21
Spanish Pata Negra cured meats- chorizo, lomo & salchichon

Langostinos al ajillo (L/GF) $22
Whole Australian Wild Prawns pan-fried smothered in garlic & olive oil, hint of chilli (4 units)
Additional Prawn $5.25

Almejas a la Marinera (L/GF) $21
Cloudy Bay Clams cooked white wine & onion

Calamares a la Andaluza (LF) $19
Firm fleshed cold water calamari tentacle morsels dusted in flour & flash fried served with alioli

Croquetas de Marisco $17
Seafood croquettes -prawn & mussel filling 
(4 units) Additional Croqueta $4.25

Croquetas de Pollo con Jamon Serrano $17
Chicken & Serrano ham croquettes 
(4 units)  Additional Croqueta $4.25

Angulas a la Bilbaina (LF) $22
West Coast Whitebait lightly coated in flour and panfried in olive oil with garlic & chilli on roasted red pepper

Salpicon de Marisco (L/GF) $20
Diced prawns, mussels, courgette, capsicums, red onion & garlice in viniagrette

Sardinas en escabeche (LF) $19
Sardines cooked in a viniagrette marinade served on charred courgette

Esparragos con Romesco (LF) $16
Chargrilled fresh asparagus with a romesco sauce (Seasonal)

Croquetas de Setas y Parmesano $16
Mushroom & Parmesan cheese croquettes
(4 units) + Croqueta $4

Croquetas Veganas (LF) $16
Spiced kumara, pumpkin, cauliflower & onion
(4 units) +Croqueta $4

Berenjena Cordobesa (L/GF) $17
Eggplant fries dusted in flour & flash fried in olive oil & drizzled in honey from our own garden (Vegan on req)

Ensalada de Pasta $16
Penne pasta salad, pesto, feta, roast courgette & eggplant, corn, black olives, cherry tomato (LF/Vegan on request)

Patatas Bravas (LF) $14
Hand cut agria wedges topped with oven spicy roasted capsicum tomato dressing & alioli

A small taste of our favourite tapas, ideal for two to share as an entrée or add a few more tapas for a meal. Chorizo, Chicken & Serrano ham Croquetas, Calamari, Eggplant fries, Salpicon de marisco seafood salad, Patata Bravas
+ Croqueta $4

Including Mushroom & parmesan croquetas, Eggplant fries, Pisto Mediterranean vegetable ratatouille, Patatas Bravas, Pasta pesto & feta salad, Vegan croquetas
+ Croquetal $4
Aceitunas Olives (L/GF) $7

Light Dishes

Sopa del dia – Soup of the day $18
Served with crusty bread

Ensalada de Pasta con Pollo Adobado – Chicken Pasta Salad (LF on request)$26
Penne pasta, roast courgette & eggplant, corn, black olives, pesto, cherry tomatoes & feta topped with flash fried paprika & turmeric marinated free-range chicken thigh pieces (Vegan option + cashew nuts)

Ensalada Mediterranea – Mediterranean Salad (L/GF) (Vegan) $23
Garden greens topped with mustard dressing, red cabbage, carrot, beetroot, cherry tomatoes, olives, artichoke and greens plus Serrano ham +$5
Adobado Chicken +$9

Salpicon de Marisco con Salmon – Salmon topped Seafood Salad (L/GF) $33
Cold smoked Akaroa Salmon leaves atop a refreshing viniagrete salad of prawn & mussel morsels, diced courgette, red & green capsicum, red onion, parsley & garlic

Traditional Spanish Main Dishes
Cordero Asado – Slow Roasted Lamb Shoulder (L/GF on request) $38
Slow roasted Canterbury lamb shoulder served with a rosemary, thyme & red wine reduction & gourmet potatoes

Pato a la Naranja – Orange Confit Duck $37
Confit South Canterbury Duck leg in an orange & moscatel sauce, truffle potato mash with apricot & prune chutney

Zarzuela de Mariscos – Seafood Ragout (LF) $39
Fresh fish & seafood including a prawn, clams & mussels cooked in a sofrito of onion & tomato, fish stock, & a majada of almonds, garlic & parsley

Arroz de Verduras – Vegetable Paella (GF/LF) (Vegan) $29
Vegetarian paella style calasparra rice with tomato, onion, artichoke, green beans, red pepper, carrots, potato & mushrooms
Please allow 25 minutes cooking time

Paella Mixta for two – House Speciality (L/GF) Pre-order recommended
Seafood & Chicken tossed with saffron scented rice, tomatoes & vegetables Please check availability at peak times & allow at least 25 minutes cooking time.
Cooked & served in pan $45pp
Minimum order for two people $90

A La Parrilla – Chargrill Mains

Select your protein, add your choice of sauces and sides
Pescado $26
Prime Fish fillet of the day

Pincho Moruno $21
Adobado spiced free range
Chicken thigh skewers (4 units)

Solomillo de Buey $34
Angus Beef Fillet 180gm

Venado $30
Venison Rump 200gm

Entrecot $27
Ribeye of Angus Beef 250gm

Chuletas de Cordero $24
Lamb loin chops (3 units)

Chorizo y Butifarra Garcia $22
House made award winning
whole Chorizo Garcia & whole Catalan Pork sausage

Sides $8

Curator’s Fries hand cut agria (L/GF)
Gourmet Potatoes roasted in duck fat (L/GF)
Truffle Potato mash
Fresh Garden Side Salad (L/GF)
Sauteed Seasonal Vegetables (L/GF)
Pisto slow cooked Mediterranean vegetable ratatouille (GF)
Portobello Mushroom with blue cheese (GF)
Apricot & Prune Chutney (L/GF)
Bread slices (4 slices) $6

Sauces $3

Recommended with Fish & Chicken
Canary Island style, olive oil, capsicum, garlic, paprika, cumin, coriander (L/GF)

Olive oil, garlic, red pepper flakes & sherry vinegar (L/GF)

Red Meats
Pimienta Verde – Green Peppercorn
Pedro Ximenez & truffle reduction

Chimichurri – parsley, garlic, olive oil, vinegar & herbs (L/GF)

Tomato Sauce / Alli oli / Mustard $2


Flan con nata (GF) $10
A light way to finish your meal with this classsic Spanish chilled egg custard flan & whipped cream

Affogato (GF on request) $12
Vanilla bean ice cream served with a shot of espresso with a liqueur of your choice + $6

Tarta de Santiago – Almond Tarte (GF) (LF on request) $15
The famous Spanish Almond tarte from the Pilgrim’s town of Santiago de Compostela dusted in icing sugar, with triple chocolate ice-cream served traditionally with a glass of Moscatel + $6

Tropical Passion (L/GF Vegan) $15
Lightly spiced coconut milk foam on passionfruit pulp topped with charred pineapple, mint & cocoa

Mousse de Chocolate Negro con Baileys $18
Rich, decadent mousse with 72% dark chocolate with a dash of Baileys Irish Cream liqueur

Crema Catalana (GF on request) $16
Our house speciality.
Traditional Spanish crème brulee with hints of lemon, vanilla & cinnamon, topped with caramelised sugar

Mango Sorbet & Macedonia de Frutas (L/GF/Vegan) $12
Seasonal fruit salad topped with Mango sorbet

A trio of cheeses two Spanish plus a local blue & accompaniments $19